Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 19

I am 19 days in to my Shakeology, and I am slightly in love with it.  I have found my award winning combo.  A banana and some plain BP with the Chocolate Shakeology.  As of last week I had already lost 4 lbs and my shorts are already feeling bigger.
I did start P90x on Tuesday.  With my super busy Monday's I decided that I would have that be my off day.  I am super sore, however did as bad as I though I would and better then I though I would all at the same time.  I got though most of day 1 with all of the push ups and such.  I only did about a third of the Abs, though I did more then I would of though I could do!  Tony says do do your best so that is what I am trying to do.  I know as I do it more I will only get stronger.  Tonight after working for 12 hours I did half of Pylo.  OMG that is harsh.  I am in so much pain and weak already and I am only a few hours out from doing it.  I didn't want to totally stop so I did all of Chest and Arms.  I think I did awesome.  I am still getting use to which bands/weights I should be using, though so far it is my fav!

I have done just the warm up of insanity.  I wasn't really feeling it the day I did it, however it is a great warm up for no matter what your doing that day.

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