Wednesday, October 3, 2012

History anyone?

I feel like I should start at the top. I was Dx with PCOS in March of 03. I took it as a sentence, a definition of the rest of my life. I was 90lbs over weight and I just took it. Actually I took it so much I gained 30 more lbs. At my heaviest (on my wedding day) I was 282lbs. It wasn't until I was at work one day that I realized that I was FAT. Now, I knew I needed to lose weight, however we had the ambulance call in saying they needed help, they had a 300lb person and needed assistance moving them. It hit me like a brick. Though I did NOTHING about it. That was in 07. Fast forward to April 09, I find out that by some crazy chance I got pregnant all on my own. How, Im still not 100% sure, though I put it on the fact that I had lost 20lbs just by changing my job. That was the only thing that had changed. 9 months later I had a beautiful healthy baby girl. I only gained 13lbs during my pregnancy and in theory had left the hospital lighter then when I got pregnant. I lost 22lbs in 3 weeks. Got to love BreastFeeding! After that and a struggle with depression, a stressful marriage and well just being a new mom, I gained most of it back. I was back up to my PrePregnancy weight. As most people do I freaked out around my 30th Birthday. What had I accomplished? What hadn't I done, what had I, was I where I wanted to be.... I was about to go on Vac when I saw a post on Pintrest about ChaLEAN Extreme. It was a Video that I had purchased a long time ago, and had NEVER done. I decided I had spent my WHOLE 20s fat, I refused to spend my WHOLE 30s that way. So I messaged the girl who posted it and I joined her Challenge group. A few weeks later I saw that she had posted something about buying a Challenge pack and you get all your coach fees waved, SIGN UP BE A COACH, Help end the Trend of Obesity. Now this is something that I have wanted to do for a while. I have wanted to become a Turbo Kick instructor, help people, get to my goals while I help others... I figured WHY NOT NOW? WHY, what is stopping me, I have NO good excuse as to why I can't do this. So, I did, I signed up became a coach, got P90x and starting drinking Shakeology. Right off the bat I lost 10lbs. WOW nothing like that to boost a girls moral. I did 4 weeks of P90x (Tony Horton and I have a Love Hate relationship let me tell you) and I was doing good, just not as good as I had hoped. Then I decided that I was going to get the Ultimate Reset. I want to thank God that I decided to do that. Even though it has only been a month. I am in a new place. I stuck to the plan as much as I could I am now a Vegan, I lost 7lbs and 16 inches in 21 days and I feel amazing. I don't drink coffee or pop anymore, I fuel my body, not just shut it up and I am beating this disease. I was able to do a workout today that I haven't been able to ever finish. I went to the gym last week and kept up with the skinny girl in class! I feel amazing and I just know that the last 59lbs till my goal weight is just going to Melt off of me! 

So, needless to say, I felt like I needed to share this, I am just like everyone else, I am one of those people, though I have decided I won't be a number anymore.  I will be ME and darn it I will be AWESOME at it! 

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