Thursday, October 25, 2012

Turbo Fire anyone???

• Burn up to 9x more fat and calories than traditional cardio with high-energy, intense cardio conditioning, kickboxing drills, and choreographed dance moves. 
• Have fun in the lively class setting with hot music mixes— it feels like a party in your living room. How TurboFire works 
• Shed fat faster with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) known as “Fire Drills,” short 1-minute bursts of maximum effort. 
• Burn calories at a higher rate for up to 48 hours after the workout with the Afterburn Effect. TurboFire is for 
• Anyone who wants to shape a lean body, sexy legs, toned arms, and tight abs, FAST. 
• Although considered an advanced program, there are special new features to help beginners stick with the program. 
• Anyone who enjoys working out to music and is a fan of kickboxing and intense cardio. Features to help beginners 
• In the Fire Starter Class, Chalene teaches the moves and combinations so newcomers can start off on the right foot and Turbo fanatics can perfect their form. 
• And, she breaks down the choreography in the New to Class DVD menu option for all Fire classes. 
• The product configuration contains: Intro DVD: 
• Get Fired Up – Chalene guides you through the program and provides tips on how to be successful. 
• Fire Starter Class – Chalene introduces the moves, one by one. New lower impact HIITs – Two (high intensity, low impact) workouts to help acclimate the body to the TurboFire intensity. But remember low impact does not mean low intensity. Tools to challenge advanced users • The Base Kit comes with a Thigh Firming Band and Toning Band with Handles. 
• The Complete System includes all of the workouts and tools in the Base Kit. Plus, you get advanced classes, a Jump Mat, TurboTracker journal, and Turbo Sculpting Gloves. 
• Customers who buy the Base Kit can also purchase a Jump Mat, TurboTracker journal, and Turbo Sculpting Gloves separately. Chalene Johnson 
• Creator of TurboFire, Turbo Jam®, and ChaLEAN Extreme®. 
• NY Times best-selling author, dedicated mom of two, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and expert trainer with a background in martial arts and dance. Bonus workouts for your customers Keep on Burnin’ DVD with 2 bonus workouts! ($29.95 value FREE for your customers) Greatest HIITs – A 20-minute compilation of all the best TurboFire HIIT drills that challenge you to scorch maximum calories. Ab Igniter – This seriously intense 10-minute workout is filled with advanced options that isolate your core muscles to help build a strong six-pack.

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