Saturday, November 3, 2012

HELP WANTED... Apply within

Are you looking for a job?  To work out of your home, make your own hours, and in your jammies? Do you want to help End the Trend of Obesity here in the US, Canada and soon all over the world? Would you like to be rewarded to be healthy and fit? Then I have a job for you. 

I am looking for some highly motivated people who are looking to start there own business for just pennies compared to other start up companies.  

I work for Beachbody that was started in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon, nets $400M+ in annual sales is Debt free and profitable.  They do a HUGE part of our leg work.  They spend millions of dollars annually on marketing and then places them in your business.   

So, you must be wondering what do you have to do?  Well, you must be a product of the product.  By drinking Shakeology and doing the fitness programs people will naturally want to know what your doing, thus creating customers for yourself.  You also have to network, get on social media, answer questions, oh and WORK OUT.  Again, you can do all of this in your jammies if you want, though I would recommend some shorts and a t-shirt for the working out.  

You don't think your qualified enough, well I beg to differ, that is what is so wonderful about Beachbody they have a WHOLE Coach Academy set up.  They don't want you to fail and we me by your side and them on your other side we wont let you fail.  As long as you have the heart and passion you will be able to succeed as a Coach. 

PERKS we all want to know about the PERKS
Well, you get 25% off all your purchases, 25% on everything that your customers buy from you, and once you get higher in the ranks you get bonus, free trips, exclusive offers and so much more!  

Downside, well it is work, this is not a get quick scheme.  You have to work at getting to where your going, however again I will help you and together we can help End the Trend!  

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